Donors & Fundholders
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Donors & Fundholders

Make the Greatest Impact

Our role is to make philanthropy effective and simple for you, so that the causes you’re passionate about get the most benefit.


 Whether you want to organize and focus your giving, support a specific cause, help make Hutchinson and Reno County better for future generations, or give a helping hand to people in need, Hutchinson Community Foundation can help.

Why work with us?

Simple, convenient way
to give to multiple causes

– You can disperse money to any number of different causes through one place
– We’re cause-neutral and can give funds to any 501c3 or government entity
– It’s easy to change where the money is directed without incurring attorney fees simply by updating a memo on file
– Avoid administration hassle and fees of family foundation

honored forever

We know our donors personally and are structured to ensure your intentions are fulfilled long after your heirs/executors are gone. For example, if you direct funds to a particular youth organization that ceases to exist, we’ll find one of similar mission to take its place.

Maximum impact
on the community

We’re your connector and guide to the needs and nonprofits in Hutchinson and Reno County. We stay on top of the issues, and we’re a key voice in important community conversations. We help you make sure that your gifts are used for maximum impact in the areas that need them most.

See how your friends and neighbors use Hutchinson Community Foundation

Lori and Derek Bower

Tax Advantages
Lori & Derek Bower

Leaving a Legacy
Peg & John Stephens

Doris and Jack Sutton

Memorial Gifts
Doris & Jack Sutton

Free Estate Planning Design

Hutchinson Community Foundation partners with John Griffin of Stewardship Counseling LLC to provide estate planning design services free of charge, on a first-come first-served basis. This gives you comprehensive guidance in designing an estate plan that minimizes taxes (income, gift, estate and inheritance), and facilitates smooth transitions for businesses, farms, and assets.

Legacy Society

Do you care deeply about Hutchinson and Reno County and want to make sure that your children, grandchildren, and generations to come have an ever-improving quality of life?

Join the Legacy Society by giving to an endowed fund during your lifetime, or make a commitment in your estate plans.