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Explore Funds

Community foundations are public charities dedicated to improving lives of members of a specific geographical area. Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations can allocate funds to a specific area or allow the foundation to distribute them.

Fund Types

Fund for Hutchinson Endowment

Giving to the Fund for Hutchinson is the most flexible way to help meet the changing needs of our communities. By choosing to include the Fund for Hutchinson in your charitable giving, you are helping nonprofit agencies and organizations in Reno County provide innovative programs to address the most vital community issues.

Dick Dillon Legacy Endowment Fund

The Dick Dillon Legacy Endowment will sustain Hutchinson Community Foundation’s good work in Reno County and position us to hear and respond to the community’s changing needs, now and into the future. This endowment is a tribute to Dick Dillon’s belief that the community foundation concept offers an effective way to enrich the quality of life in Hutchinson and Reno County.

Organizational Endowment Funds

Endowing a fund with Hutchinson Community Foundation is a philanthropic keystone for local nonprofits. It provides the solid base for a vision, assuring the organization or individual donor that resources will be there in perpetuity. The power of endowment is amazing, allowing more confident planning for the future and keeping hopes of even greater accomplishments alive.

Donor Designated Endowment Funds

A donor designated endowment allows you to provide ongoing support to one or more of your favorite causes. You make a one-time designation to the organization(s) you wish to support and, because the gift is given through an endowment at Hutchinson Community Foundation, it provides the organization(s) with annual grants, decade upon decade.

Donor Advised Funds

Simple to set up, Donor Advised Funds offer tax benefits, and you are assured the spirit of the gift will endure. Individuals, families and corporations may utilize this type of fund and are invited to suggest grants to their favorite charitable organizations

Field of Interest Funds

This type of fund is for the donor who has the desire to help a specific area such as education, child development, or the arts. By designating the general field of interest, not a specific organization, you allow Hutchinson Community Foundation the flexibility to address changing community needs.

Funds for the Future: Legacy Giving 

Legacy Society members who confer gifts at the end of their lifetimes through wills, trusts, retirement assets or other means are creating a legacy for future generations. If you have named Hutchinson Community Foundation as your charitable administrator in your estate plans, please let us know so that we may fully understand your intentions and recognize your generosity.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds can be structured to benefit students at any education level or for a specific institution. A fund can also be established to honor a loved one. Advisory committees assist in the selection of recipients. Our staff handles the necessary paperwork and ensures that scholarships are distributed in an equitable manner.

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