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It is our privilege to serve the place we call home and the people we call neighbors and friends.

We will continue our work in the areas where we and our board of directors believe we can make the biggest impact. Our initiatives aren’t just boxes we check…they’re our passions. Together with our donors and nonprofit partners, we’re constantly looking for ways to make life even better for the people of Reno County — the place we love.

Sincerely, The Staff of Hutchinson Community Foundation | Buhler Community Foundation


Year Started: 2004

Fun Fact: Aubrey is a thrill-seeker, master of parallel parking, and she holds an irrational fear of wasps.

Why She Loves Her Work: Our work matters and we get to work with some of the most inspiring members of the community.

Aubrey Abbott Patterson

President and CEO

Year Started: 2019

Dell Marie Shanahan Swearer

Chief Operating Officer
Kari Mailloux_600x600

Year Started: 2013

Fun Fact: Kari once built her own shelter in the woods and slept under it during a rain storm (Bear Grylls style).

Why She Loves Her Work: I am passionate about community building through the exchange of ideas, connecting people over shared passions and visions.

Kari Mailloux

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Sarah Blake_600x600

Year Started: 2016

Fun Fact: Sarah loves to boot-scoot and is a former country line dancing instructor.

Why She Loves Her Work: Working for Hutchinson Community Foundation allows me to meet so many amazing people with generous hearts, big ideas, and passion for this community. I’m inspired daily.

Sarah Blake

Program Officer

Year Started: 2018

Amy Crockett

Kourtney Krehbiel_600x600

Year Started: 2016

Fun Fact: Kourtney has never had a broken bone.

Why She Loves Her Work: Everyone I have the pleasure to work with, whether they are co-workers, donors, grantees, or visitors, show me the kind & generous hearts that make Reno County thrive.

Kourtney Lane

Donor Services Officer

Year Started: 2018

Wendy Skellenger

Communications Officer
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