How It Works

How It Works

Types of Gifts

The Community Foundation has the technical expertise and resources to accept any appropriate asset as a charitable contribution. We regularly work with donors and their professional advisors to create and execute sophisticated giving strategies. In addition to cash, we regularly accept gifts of:

  • Land
  • Grain
  • Mutual funds
  • Restricted stock
  • Publicly-traded stock
  • Bonds and other debt obligations
  • Real estate, complete or partial interests in residential or commercial real estate
  • Privately held companies, interests in C-corporations, LLCs, Limited Partnerships

Beneficiary designations in a life insurance policy, bank account, or a retirement plan are also simple and meaningful ways to make a planned gift to the Community Foundation. These allow you to list the Foundation as the sole beneficiary or along with others you would like to benefit from the proceeds of the policy or plan.  Just ask the administrator of your policy or plan for a designation form if you wish to make this kind of gift.

Three Ways to Donate to Hutchinson Community Foundation


  • Donate Online

   Please check the fund(s) you want to support and complete this form. For your protection, all transactions  are processed through a VerisSign secure site.


  • Mail a Check

   Send a check to:

Hutchinson Community Foundation | PO Box 298

Hutchinson, KS 67504-0298

   Be sure to note which fund(s) you want to support.


  • Transfer Assets

   To give stock, bonds, real estate, or other assets, please contact us for instructions.

Fund Types

To learn about the many types of funds you can give to that directly benefit the community, visit the Explore Funds page.

Estate Planning

Hutchinson Community Foundation offers estate planning design services free of charge. To learn about this service, visit our Estate Planning page.


You can depend on Hutchinson Community Foundation for personalized donor services. We are with you every step of the way with community expertise and administrative support.


Administrative support

We take care of the administrative work, so you can focus on what truly matters – making an impact with your gift. This includes:

  • IRS tax reporting to ensure compliance
  • Due diligence on nonprofit organizations to ensure fiscal responsibility, board and volunteer engagement, diverse funding resources, etc.
  • Management of grantmaking processes from solicitation to evaluation
  • Quarterly statements, either online or by mail, with information about your fund investments.
  • Confirmations of all gifts received and grants made
  • An annual report listing all grants made from your fund


Community expertise

Our extensive knowledge about issues in Reno County comes through our involvement and leadership on critical issues and our close ties with nonprofit organizations. Our donors find this insider knowledge invaluable when deciding where and how to give. For more about how we’re working in the community, visit the Initiatives & Impact page.

Donor Stories

Making commitments to help maintain and improve the community for future generations can be a life-changing experience.  See how donating to Hutchinson Community Foundation has impacted members of the Hutchinson and Reno County community here.

If you wish to start a fund or you have questions about making a contribution, please contact our President & CEO, Aubrey Abbott Patterson here.