Services for Advisors with Hutchinson Community Foundation
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Attorneys & Advisors

Attorneys & Advisors

Whether you are an attorney, financial planner, or tax advisor, Hutchinson Community Foundation can assist you and your clients in structuring tax-wise gifts that establish an enduring community legacy.

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Services for Advisors

We add our expertise to yours to ensure that your client makes educated decisions while selecting from a full spectrum of options.

  • Develop strategic giving plans for your clients and their families, including giving instruments and funding options
  • Assist with grantmaking research, recommendations, and outcomes
  • Provide guidance on the community’s charitable needs
  • Illustrate, project, draft or review necessary documents

Annual Report to the Community

See our financials, plus read donor stories.

How We Invest

We have have a solid record of growth.


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Leaving a legacy

Peg and John Stephens have made a commitment to leave a percentage of their estate to Hutchinson Community Foundation as a way to continue supporting the causes they care about most—forever.


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Let’s talk about how we can help you and your clients manage their charitable giving.

Aubrey Abbott Patterson
President & CEO