Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching Program


You know that friend you turn to when you need perspective on a problem? The one you can count on to ask you the hard questions, call you on counterproductive thinking and help you see what’s possible? Well, that’s what a leadership coach does. They offer a confidential space for reflecting on ideas and developing experiments, and they serve as a thought partner focused on helping you make progress on your challenge.


Unlike sports coaches, leadership coaches don’t call the plays. They don’t train you, tell you what to do, or offer expertise or advice. In fact, a coach is only concerned with helping you figure out how to make progress on your challenge.


An individual or group that really cares about making progress. Good candidates are curious and open to considering different possibilities and approaches, and because making progress may not be quick or easy, they should be willing to dedicate time and energy to the process.


Leadership coaching offers the benefit of time, space and a thought partner to consider paths toward progress. Because Hutchinson Community Foundation believes in the ability of our partners to tackle challenges, coaching offers another way for us to walk beside our community of co-workers. We see coaching as yet another tool for creating a connected, resilient and thriving community for all Reno County residents.


The first one-hour session is free with no commitment to continue. For subsequent sessions, Hutch CF offers a grant of up to $1,800 that covers the cost of up to six sessions over up to six months. We anticipate most individuals or groups will require at least three to four sessions.


  1. Visit our grant portal here and apply for the Leadership Coaching Program. The first step is to complete the request to schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session with one of our coaches (profiles below). Hutch CF staff will then connect you with the coach of your choice to schedule this first free one-hour session, and you will be provided with a coaching prep form to help you think through your adaptive challenge in advance.
  2. If you decide that leadership coaching is a good fit for you and your adaptive challenge, you may return to the grant portal and complete the brief coaching grant application. As part of the application, you will need to tell us which coach you would like to work with for this longer-term coaching relationship.
    Note: The coach exploratory session may or may not be the coach you choose to work with longer-term. Once a grant is made, coordination of the coaching project shifts to you to select a coach from a list of available coaches and use the grant funds to make an agreement directly with the coach. None of the coaches are employed by Hutch CF, and we will not coordinate your long-term arrangement and experience beyond the first exploratory session.
  3. Your request will be approved or denied within one week of submission. Once approved, you will sign a grant agreement with Hutch CF, and the grant check will be sent to your organization. You/your organization will work directly with your chosen coach on any further scheduling, agreements and payments.
  4. Hutch CF will ask you to complete a simple final report at the conclusion of your coaching relationship to help us understand and communicate the impact of leadership coaching and the effectiveness of the Leadership Coaching Program.


Contact Sarah Blake, program officer, at sarah@hutchcf.org or 620-663-5293.

Meet the coaches



Location: Arlington, KS


  • Kansas Leadership Center Leadership Coach Certificate

Coaching offered:

  • In-person for initial sessions; virtual, phone, or in-person for continuing sessions
  • Individual or group (3-8 individuals) coaching

Background and coaching philosophy: In the pre-Covid 19 past, I started completing trainings with the Kansas Leadership Center. I was curious about how I could use the tools presented to help my community make progress. I continued to pursue all of the training that they offered, ending with the leadership coaching intensive. I had been curious about facilitation and coaching since working with and watching KLC staff. It seemed like work I would enjoy and value the outcomes enough to put in the work. I was not disappointed. Coaching provides enough challenge and progress that I feel it is a tool I can support. Throughout the training, I have had the opportunity to really hone my craft and develop my philosophy for coaching. There is room to grow, and I look forward to improving my skills as a coach.

I believe that coaching is about trusting the client’s ability to make progress on their challenges. The client is the expert and can develop skills to improve the world they live and work in. The relationship between the coach and client is one of the most powerful professional relationships and holds a special place in personal development.

My background is in the world of nonprofits, grants, and small local economies and community development. I care deeply about local food, supporting the arts, and equitable access to a healthy life.



Location: Hutchinson, KS


  • KLC (Kansas Leadership Center) Teach Leadership Intensive
  • KLC Leadership Coaching Intensive

Coaching offered:

  • Phone, Zoom, or in-person
  • Individual or group coaching

Background: Serving as a pastor of congregations for 15+ years, I have found myself in many situations where I was involved in many counseling sessions (individually and a small group setting). During my ministry, I have always sought out other training opportunities to help myself stay abreast of new advancement in various levels not only for my continuing education, but to share that knowledge with others. As our denominational region began the exploration of opportunities for advancement for clergy/laity, I had the unique opportunity to serve on the steering committee which applied for a grant through the Kansas Leadership Center. As I began the training opportunities through KLC, I wanted to continue to drink the Kool-Aid from the rich resources that KLC was providing. This, of course, led me to explore the coaching intensive they were offering. As I stated earlier, I have found myself in various counseling sessions through my ministry and I saw the coaching intensive as a valuable tool to add to my tool kit not only for the work I am doing within the life of the congregation I serve, but as well as the various hats I wear within the life of the community of Hutch.

Coaching philosophy: The fundamental foundation of a good team rests upon the ability of the coach to lead the team to greater heights. I am a firm believer of discipline, respect, teamwork, self-reflection and total cooperation as the principal tenets involved in developing a good team and, as such, these guiding principles inform my coaching philosophy. To achieve successful outcomes, each player must exercise a certain level of discipline not only in the field but also in other areas.

I always make it clear to players under my charge that discipline or lack of it is instrumental in shaping or destroying future professional ambitions.

Teamwork is a guiding principle that cannot be ignored if the team is to achieve successful outcomes. A group of players cannot really be called a ‘team’ if they do not exhibit the spirit of teamwork.

There cannot be any tangible results without self-reflection. The professional development of the team is dependent on the capacity of the coach to make personal reflections of previous mistakes and the core strengths of the team with the view to establish critical areas that require improvement.



Location: Hutchinson, KS

Website: linkedin.com/in/ronkfisher


  • Art and Practice of Leadership Development, Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education
  • Heartland Certified Public Manager (CPM), National Certified Public Manager Consortium
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation
  • MBTI Certified, The Myers-Briggs Company
  • Level 2 Certification for Case-in-Point, Kansas Leadership Center
  • Level 2 Certification for Teaching Leadership, Kansas Leadership Center
  • Level 2 Certification for Leadership Coach, Kansas Leadership Center

Coaching offered:

  • Zoom or in-person in Hutchinson (as schedule allows)
  • Individual/group/conflictual conversations between individuals or groups

Background and coaching philosophy: I’ve always been interested in helping people make progress in their life. I spent 20 years in church work and another five years in housing nonprofit work before being introduced to the idea of leadership as an activity that anyone can do. Since then I’ve spent seven years as principal of my own coaching/consulting business (Fisher Coaching). In addition, I’ve spent the last three years working full time for the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) as Director of their Organizational Health & Development department – developing and delivering training and coaching programs that help cultivate high functioning DCF employees and the culture to support them.

Ron’s greatest strengths are in the area of coaching and presenting. He can engage individuals or groups in the work of considering and processing new ideas (or old ideas in a new way). He values the art of question asking and seeks to leverage that tool in an effort to invite those around him to process with him. He believes deeply in the work of clarifying culture.

Ron views leadership as more than a role. It is an activity that, leveraged wisely, can impact entire systems for good no matter who or where one may be in that system. He has worked with state government, city government, churches, communities, nonprofits and for-profits to create platforms of common purpose and partnership.



Location: Hutchinson, KS


  • Kansas Leadership Center Advanced Leadership Development
  • International Coaching Federation member

Coaching offered:

  • Phone, Virtual, or in-person
  • Individual or group coaching

Background: As a struggling small business owner, I got stuck. A lot.

I hired a coach because I needed someone else to tell me what I should do to succeed in my work. My coach was (by design) terrible at telling me what I should do… What I discovered with his help, though, was that I knew how to do the work. I just needed help clarifying what work was most important and how I should get started. Fortunately, my coach was masterful at asking me the right questions to unlock the clarity I needed to do the work I was highly capable of doing. Doing the work wasn’t the hardest part—thinking about how I think about the work is where I got most stuck. I thought I needed an expert consultant, but what I actually needed was a coach.

Since those days I’ve started or bought six small businesses, served on local and national boards of directors for organizations ranging from small para-church organizations to those with annual budgets of over $40,000,000. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I still get stuck in my own head and need a coach to help me sort out my next steps.

Experiencing the power of coaching inspires me to help others in that way and I’m thrilled that I get to help my clients discover how to take the next steps when they are unclear. Leadership starts with us and must engage others—coaching helps us do that most effectively.

Coaching philosophy: I believe that most times we get stuck it’s not because we don’t have the skills to make progress, but because we have a hard time sorting through the competing values, immunities to change, and multiple interpretations of the situation. I believe that you are capable of making progress on the things you care about most. My role as a coach is not to tell you what to do, but to be an ally in your finding the clarity you need to confidently take the next step.



Location: Topeka, KS


  • Kansas Leadership Center Leadership Coach Certificate

Coaching offered:

  • Phone or Zoom
  • Individual coaching

Background: I have been working in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, working with individuals to support their life journeys as well as with congregations to gain clarity around their vision and mission. Inviting individuals and groups to reflect on where they want to go and what they want to accomplish is central to my approach in this work, inviting critical self-reflection on both. I discovered in this work the continued need to engage in this same critical self-reflection myself and discovered that engaging my own coach helped me gain clarity about my own purpose and aspirations. Coaching enables me to help clients accomplish their own work as they tackle big challenges.

My academic training includes a B.A. in History from Centre College, a M.Div. from Emory University, and a M.A. from the University of Notre Dame. In addition to training as a leadership coach at Kansas Leadership Center, I am credentialed as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator.

Coaching philosophy: Through coaching I work to empower others to live flourishing lives. I believe that clients possess the knowledge and skills to accomplish their aspirations and resolve their challenges. My coaching then works to assist others tap into and apply their knowledge and skills most effectively on these aspirations and challenges. Powerful questions encourage self-reflection and growth in my clients. The right question, at the right moment, opens up paths toward flourishing for clients. Additionally, I ask clients to create accountability for themselves regarding their commitments and promises.



Location: Hutchinson, KS


  • ACC certification, International Coaching Federation (in progress, December 2024)
  • Coaching Intensive, Kansas Leadership Center
  • Advanced Leadership Intensive, Kansas Leadership Center

Coaching offered:

  • Virtual or in-person
  • Individual or group coaching
  • *No issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. If this is an area that you need coaching on, please contact Dave directly through role in local government.

Background: Dave embarked on his leadership journey during his participation in the Kansas Boys State Leadership Academy, where he was introduced to the principles of adaptive leadership from Kansas Leadership Center Framework. Since then, he has diligently applied these principles to various aspects of his life. Dave is presently employed in local government, where he plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging and prosperity within his community. His passion lies in facilitating groups and individuals in their transformation from their current reality to the realization of their highest aspirations.

Coaching philosophy: I am convinced that everyone is creative and resourceful enough to make progress on the things they most care about. I agree with Virginia Kellogg’s idea that coaching is a sacred space in which clients create a greater future based on awareness, choice, and action.



Location: Hutchinson, KS


  • Kansas Leadership Center Coaching Intensive

Coaching offered:

  • Phone, Zoom, or in-person
  • Individual or group coaching

Background: My personal mission is: “Coming alongside people and their good ideas so great work can shine!” My particular passion area is vulnerable children and families. The vision that drives me is a community where everyone can have safety, sufficiency, caring connections, and opportunities to contribute.

In over 20 years of working as a trainer and consultant with churches and nonprofits around the country, the desire to be impactful in this mission and vision has led me to adopt “coach-like” strategies. My experience has included a partnership with the Center for Congregations (in Indiana), providing coaching to around 20 church teams toward their goals for community ministry. I have also coached individuals in leadership positions. I am comfortable working with the faith community but equally comfortable when faith is off the table.

I also work as a writing coach, leading authors to make discoveries about themselves and their purpose, unlocking richer writing. And as the parent of teens, I have found that coaching conversations generally yield better results than the voice of authority!

I have also been the beneficiary of excellent coaching, as a Hutchinson Community Foundation grant enabled Ron Fisher to provide coaching to our leadership team in a collaborative initiative to address poverty in our community. This led us to a training on “Collaborative Coaching” with people in need, an approach that moves beyond providing emergency assistance to walking with people toward their goals for a better life.

All of these experiences have confirmed for me the value of having a coaching “hat” and the desire to get better at it. In February 2021, I completed the Kansas Leadership Center’s Leadership Coaching Intensive. I am excited to be able to offer the resource of coaching so that individually and collaboratively, our community can shine!

Coaching philosophy: My role is to support your progress by asking meaningful questions, offering feedback, creating a safe space for discoveries, and helping you clarify your next steps. I respect your unique gifts and perspectives.



Location: Rio Rancho, NM

Website: wilderleadership.com


  • Kansas Leadership Center Leadership Coach Certificate
  • Kansas Leadership Center Teach Leadership Intensive

Coaching offered:

  • Via Zoom
  • Individual coaching

Background: Emily Wilder is a leadership coach, teacher, and expert. As President of Wilder Leadership, she combines education, experience, and innate ability to help people and organizations make progress on their most important goals.

Born into a military family, her desire to practice leadership began at a young age. Her career started as a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY before being medically discharged after contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. After recovering and graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s in psychology from UMKC, she worked in finance before joining the University of Kansas Transportation Center.

While at KU’s Transportation Center, she held many roles. Serving as an Associate Director for the center, the Director of the Kansas Local Technical Assistance Program, and as an instructor for the center’s soft skill courses before leaving in March 2022. During this time, she also presented at regional and national conferences for local government agencies, covering leadership, management, and conflict resolution topics.

In her current role, as Sr. Education Program Manager for the Merchant Risk Council, she manages education delivery to MRC’s 700+ global members, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Emily holds a master’s in Management and Leadership and certificates in leadership from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Kansas Leadership Center.

Her background and day to day work is in the field of education, and coaching is a natural extension of that work. Coaching is a form of self-driven learning, and the insights that are discovered through coaching are often the most meaningful to the participant. She loves stepping out of the stereotypical teacher role to help others identify their most important questions and discover their own answers.

Coaching philosophy: Every client already knows their truth and how to live it, but it’s easy to get distracted from their purpose due to life’s demands. I view coaching as a collaborative partnership that helps others determine, explore, and make progress on their most important goals.


INspired Leadership Coaches at ESSDACK (Tamara Lindholm, Rachel Thalmann and Kelly Turcotte) help professionals maximize their leadership potential, and guide organizations in building high-functioning teams. The Energy Leadership Index assessment, ranked by Forbes as one of the top 11 assessments all leaders should take, is our go-to tool to increase self-awareness, engagement, and satisfaction for each person in your organization. We’ve been coaching leaders in education for over a decade and have also joined the corporate sector within the past five years. We’re trained through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a rigorous ICF certified program.

Here’s what you can expect during a session:

  • Examine limiting beliefs/fixed mindsets
  • Identify barriers to progress
  • Align values and expectations
  • Problem-solve to seek/create solutions
  • Commit to action and accountability

Learn more at VentureInspired.org.



Location: Hutchinson, KS


  • Certified Professional Coach (PCC) from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an International Coaching Federation accredited program
  • Energy Leadership Index Practitioner from iPEC
  • Cognitive Coaching Certification
  • Adaptive Schools Certifications
  • Coaching for Results Certification

Coaching offered:

  • Phone, Virtual, or in-person
  • Individual or group (2-10 individuals) coaching

Background: I’m a former teacher, principal, curriculum director and now leader of the INspired Leadership team at ESSDACK. When I was asked to come back to ESSDACK and lead the professional learning team, I requested we research and determine a coaching model to become certified to offer our clients. We explored and participated in many models such as Coaching for Results and Cognitive Coaching, but Energy Leadership Coaching had what has been missing in all the models we explored.

Energy Leadership Coaching involves so much more than reaching goals. It is a process that helps individuals make sustainable changes in his or her personal and professional life. The Energy Leadership Index is an attitudinal assessment tool that captures how an individual currently perceives and approaches workand life. With the awareness and insights gained through the Energy Leadership Index debrief, clients have the opportunity to reshape their attitudes and worldview and “transform who they are.”

Coaching Philosophy: As an energy coach, I help clients explore inner and outer blocks that impact how they experience relationships, teams, and life. We also explore mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and environmental influences that impact their energy and when they have this awareness and the ability to create what they desire, the result is often transformational. Through this increased awareness and ability to have safe space to explore and create, clients often experience less stress, more clarity, stronger boundaries, courage, and confidence to live the life they desire. The result is often more satisfaction in all areas of life, lessened stress, and a healthier mind, body, and spirit. I help enlighten what they are thinking and saying by intuitively listening to them and giving them space to focus on what they want, more than what they don’t want! If you are ready to make changes and commit to living life to the fullest, we would be a great fit.



Location: Hutchinson, KS


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation
  • Energy Leadership Index Practitioner from iPEC
  • Masters of Education in Counseling from WSU

Coaching format:

  • Phone, Zoom, or in-person
  • Individual or group (2-6 individuals) coaching

Background: I’m a former teacher and in the recertification process to update my teaching credentials, I discovered leadership coaching. This discovery changed the course of my career, and I began to use my gifts and talents in a more fully aligned way. I love the idea of a coaching relationship in which the client is held as the expert of their life, and the coach honors that by listening well, asking powerful reflective questions, and empowering the client to make their own move, not the move the coach thinks is best for the client. Coaching is the hidden communication and leadership key to collaborative, creative, and committed cultures. I will remain a coach––transitions, leadership, executive, confidence––for the rest of my career.

Coaching philosophy: The type of coaching I provide is reflective, highly-conscious, at times creative, and almost always transformative. When given non-judgmental space to assess inner and outer obstacles, a person can almost always move forward. My coaching is done through insight-based learning, which means the client holds the key to their solutions. I’m a facilitator of their thinking, mirroring who they are and what they want. Coaching done well will empower people to take action on the things they want to change and will inspire people to live their best life.



Location: Virtual

  • Certified Professional Coach (PCC) from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an International Coaching Federation accredited program
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment Master Practitioner
  • Core Dynamics Leadership Certification

Coaching format:

  • Phone or Zoom
  • Individual or group (3-6 individuals) coaching

Background: I was a driven and innovative teacher for 20 years. I said yes to every project and looked forward to changing and the challenges it presented. I was always eager to support my colleagues when they agreed to come along with me into new territory. I found immense satisfaction in finding where others never quite felt good enough. In supporting them, I focused on what they could do, not what they couldn’t. I asked them questions so they could find their own way, not mimic another’s. Coaching offers the same satisfaction when clients determine where their excellence lies and they take action from that place.

Coaching philosophy: My coaching is highly intuitive and provides space to uncover stories, assumptions, and emotions that keep us playing small. Each of us has an inner voice that longs for something more aligned with ourselves, with who we feel called to be, and yet we sometimes let the stories of what that might mean get in the way of taking action. My coaching partnership will offer insights, acceptance of yourself and others, trust and belief, and commitment to action.


Though KLC coaches are not available for the initial exploratory session, you may contact KLC for information on how to partner with a KLC coach for a longer-term coaching relationship.