Grants at Work: Family Community Theatre

Grants at Work: Family Community Theatre

PROJECT: Let There Be Light

GRANT: 2018 Fund for Hutchinson

AMOUNT: $10,240

WHEN: Nov. 15, 2018

PURPOSE: Someone once said, “If all the world’s a stage … then I want better lighting.” That quote might just go right to the heart of the purpose behind the “Let There Be Light” project at Family Community Theatre. Aimed at improving and expanding the theater’s lighting technology, the grant paid for new, more versatile and energy-efficient LED fixtures, which are now the standard in the theater industry.

IMPACT: Along with improving production quality and theater efficiency, the new technology illuminates new pathways to mentoring area youth with an interest in theater lighting via collaboration with schools. Additionally, the new lights enhance the theater’s educational opportunities, such as its recent “Let There Be Light” workshop in which a group of teens and adults gathered for an overview of theatrical lighting and the functions of old and new fixtures.

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