Nutrition & Physical Activity

Nutrition & Physical Activity

Hutchinson Community Foundation believes that Reno County should be known as a place where people live long, active, and healthy lives. Healthy eating and physical activity are foundational to that kind of vibrant community. That’s why we support the work of organizations and coalitions looking to make long-term systemic changes related to food policy, health care, active transportation, and many other health-related causes.

The Foundation’s work in health began in 2008 with a $300,000 grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. Those funds provided a spark to merge coalitions, change environmental policies, and inspire public-private partnerships.

Today, the Foundation is a proud member of the Heal Reno County coalition seeking to build a culture that embraces healthy eating and active living, and we administer the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant to aid in that mission.

In addition, we make annual grants from the Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Endowment, partially fund the Neighborhood Planning Division of Hutch Rec, administer the Friends of the Trail Fund, and partner on place-making efforts to re-imagine public space as the vital heart of our communities. Because we believe that a healthy community is a happy community.

Heal Reno County is a coalition that seeks to make our community a healthy place to live, work, learn, and play by creating opportunities for healthy choices and building a culture that embraces healthy eating and active living.

Focus areas:

  • Health care
  • Worksite wellness
  • Tobacco-free living
  • Community vitality
  • Healthy kids
  • Healthy foods

Hutchinson Community Foundation funds a portion of the Neighborhood Development position at Hutch Rec. The position seeks to create unique public spaces, programs, and policies that promote healthy living and strengthen community spirit.

Stories of Impact

Kelsi Depew

Kelsi Depew is a passionate advocate through Hutchinson Community Foundation’s Healthy Foods Work Group and Food Policy Council for Heal Reno County.

Phil Auxier

Phil Auxier and his congregation at Crestview Bible Church partnered with Hutchinson Community Foundation and other area partners to install a rest area and repair station on the trail near their church.

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If you would like to learn more about our involvement in Nutrition & Physical Activity, contact Kari Mailloux.

Kari Mailloux, Director of Strategic Initiatives