COVID-19 response: How can we help each other?

COVID-19 response: How can we help each other?

As COVID-19 begins to impact our nation and region, Hutchinson Community Foundation recognizes that all residents are being called upon to make changes and sacrifices in their daily lives to ensure the health and security of our communities.

Our organization is committed to promoting and adhering to the best prevention practices set forth by our public health officials while continuing to serve the needs of our donors and nonprofit partners and encouraging the generosity and philanthropic spirit we’ve seen demonstrated over and over again during challenging times.

Internally, our staff is practicing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s mitigation guidelines on good hygiene and social distancing. Employees who are sick or think they are becoming sick are instructed to stay home. To help relieve the financial burden on employees and their families and encourage self-quarantining, we have extended our sick-leave policy. We are also curtailing non-essential meetings while increasing our reliance on teleconferencing. If employees must work from home, we have plans in place to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our donors and nonprofit partners.

To our nonprofit partners who work to level the critical economic, health and social equity imbalances in our community: We know that as events unfold, your resources and capacities may be taxed. We want to hear from you. Please keep us informed of your needs and the needs of those you serve.

To the community: We ask you to consider ways to support nonprofits, businesses and local arts venues that may be feeling the effects of cancellations and social distancing. Rather than requesting a ticket refund, for instance, make it a donation instead. During this time of social isolation, find creative ways to help the community meet its technical and adaptive challenges. If you’re a teen with extra time on your hands because of an extended spring break or sports season postponement, consider how you might use that free time to help those who are being impacted.

We all have a role in protecting those most vulnerable and helping our community to thrive, and it’s often during times of difficulty that the best qualities of humanity can shine.

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