Legacy Giving: Kimbell Family

Legacy Giving: Kimbell Family

Kimbell Family
My parents chose Hutchinson to raise us because it meant so much to them. We’ve been blessed by the opportunities provided for us by the community. -Mike Kimbell

Though siblings Mike Kimbell and Kay Almanza live away from Hutchinson, they have a great desire to see our community thrive. Together with their spouses, they opened Donor Advised Funds at Hutchinson Community Foundation, so they can continue to support this community and causes that are important to them.

Mike and Kay grew up in Hutchinson and inherited a love for this community from their parents, Charlie and Sharon Kimbell. It’s a love that shines through in their childhood memories of having a perfect view of parades from their father’s office on Main Street, where they would always find the refrigerator stocked with “the best orange pop.” And it’s clear as they recall cherished Hutch High friendships, time with family at “Charlie’s Pond” in the county, drinking malts at the Pegues lunch counter, and shopping at the Emporium downtown.

Charlie and Sharon, who were founders of Hutchinson Community Foundation, also inspired their children’s philanthropic hearts. When the time came to decide how Mike and Kay might best achieve their own families’ philanthropic goals, they listened to their mother’s voice of experience.

“Working with the Community Foundation has been great,” Sharon said. “I knew my kids felt a connection to their hometown, so it made sense to encourage them to work with the Foundation, too.”

Mike, Kay, and their families opened Donor Advised Funds, and by doing so they have made a heartfelt commitment to the hometown they love.

“Our parents gave us such a strong sense of home, and that’s part of why we’re passionate about making a difference on a local level. Now that mostly means Lawrence and Kansas City, but we’ve also found ways to give back to Hutchinson, where our roots are,” Kay said.

Charlie and Sharon were longtime Donor Advised Fund holders and community philanthropists. As a mom and teacher, Sharon always loved helping children learn and thrive, so it’s not surprising that she supported early childhood initiatives, along with Grace Episcopal Church, through her Endowed Legacy Fund.

The Kimbell and Almanza families have chosen to honor the community that helped shape them by making gifts through the Hutchinson Community Foundation. The impact of their philanthropic spirits will be felt in Hutchinson for generations to come.