Hutchinson Community Foundation chosen for Kansas Leadership Center’s Leadership Transformation Grant

Hutchinson Community Foundation chosen for Kansas Leadership Center’s Leadership Transformation Grant

Logo graphic announcing Kansas Leadership Center 2023 Leadership Transformation GrantsHutchinson Community Foundation was selected recently as one of 87 organizations from across the state to continue with a fifth year of funding as a partner of the Kansas Leadership Center’s Leadership Transformation Grant.

In all, the foundation has sent 106 people to KLC training, representing 45 Reno County nonprofit and for-profit organizations and businesses. Seventeen have completed all three core programs of the KLC Pathway.

The leadership team for the Community Foundation’s grant includes Donna Davis, retired executive director of BrightHouse; Laurie Carr, family and consumer sciences agent at K-State Research and Extension; Denice Gilliland-Burbank, director of community impact at United Way of Reno County; Kari Mailloux, director of strategic initiatives at Hutchinson Community Foundation; and Lance Patterson, chief executive officer at Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson.

“Through our grant, we are collaboratively working to invite changemakers in Reno County into a movement toward a connected, resilient and thriving community where experimentation and collaboration is the norm,” said Mailloux. “We are asking people to learn the KLC principles and competencies and then apply them to the issues, opportunities, and organizations they care about advancing in Reno County.”

The Kansas Leadership Center’s Leadership Transformation Grants, valued at up to $20,000 each, are divided among the education, nonprofit, faith, government and business sectors.

Through the grant, 40 slots are available for community partners to attend KLC training. Those interested, should contact Kari Mailloux.

Below are Reno County partners who have completed the grant-funded KLC training:

Cole Anderson
Sarah Blake
Ted Blakley
Melanie Block
Shannon Brandon
Denise Brodsky
Katie Broker
Tamme Buller
Nikki Burkhart
Kristi Busatti
Patrick Calvillo
Matthew Caraway
Laurie Carr
Lisa Chapman
Mary Grace Clements
Laura Corey
Amy Crockett
Angie Davenport
Candace Davidson
Donna Davis
Kelsi Depew
Brian Drinkwalter
Julie Eck
Ron Fisher
Adam Fortna
Anthony Frischenmeyer
Daijah Fuller
Denice Gilliland
Lisa Gleason
Natalie  Goertzen
Megan Gottschalk
Christine Griffiths
Kylee Gross
Brennan Hadley
Zaron Hill
Nicole Hostetler
Ryan Hvitløk
David Inskeep
Michelle Inskeep
Shane Iwashige
Katie Jensen
Christine John
Charles Johnston
Jesse Juma
Rebekah Keasling
Kevin Kienzle
Stehanie King
Jeanne Koontz
Rick Kraus
Kourtney Lane
Kate Lewis
Shawna Logue
Gina Long
Josh Long
Lydia Lowe
Kari Mailloux
Kieryn McCann
Gleysha Mendez-Rosario
Laurie Moody
Datjaeda Moore
Johannah Moore
Jolene Mora
Tabitha Neahring
Megan Niemeyer
Lisa Orrison
Lance Patterson
Aubrey Patterson
Kim Paulsen
Heather Peterson
Neeley Pickard
Rachel Pittman
Gary Race
Erica Rivera
Kathy Roberts
Peggy Ruebke
Natasha Russell
Dell Marie Shanahan Swearer
Lois Smith
Tom Smith
Felicia Smith
Rose Smyres
David Sotelo
Adam Stewart
Jessica Suda
Brandon Tarr
Libertee Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Michelle Thompson
Heidi Unruh
Jim Unruh
Cory Vaile
Dimitriy Vakulenko
Ryan VanZant
Janeishka Venegas
Jane Wagler
Gregg Wamsley
Starla Wells
Don Wilkins
Raven Williams
Skip Wilson
Linda Womack
Ana Woodburn
Daniel Wornkey
Sue Wray
Emily Wray
Jessica Wright