Community foundation awards Rimmer grants to area schools

Community foundation awards Rimmer grants to area schools

Hutchinson Community Foundation recently awarded early education grants to several Reno County elementary schools.

The John and Bethene Rimmer Grants for Early Childhood Education and Enrichment are given annually to help meet the basic needs for academic success of pre-K through second-grade students in Reno County. Amounts are determined based on each school’s overall free and reduced lunch count percentage and the number of students in the qualifying grade levels. A total of $22,000 was awarded to 19 schools, including Reno County Head Start and the Early Education Center, for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The following schools received awards:

  • Buhler Grade School, $850
  • Early Education Center, $1,750
  • Fairfield Elementary School, $900
  • Faris Elementary School, $1,750
  • Graber Elementary School, $1,400
  • Haven Grade School, $1,100
  • Holy Cross Catholic School, $550
  • Hutchinson Magnet School at Allen, $1,150
  • Lincoln Elementary School, $1,700
  • McCandless Elementary School, $1,750
  • Morgan Elementary School, $1,000
  • Nickerson Elementary School, $1,000
  • Pretty Prairie Grade School, $600
  • Plum Creek Elementary School, $1,150
  • Reno County Head Start, $1,350
  • South Hutchinson Elementary School, $1,000
  • Union Valley Elementary School, $1,500
  • Wiley Elementary School, $1,300
  • Yoder Charter School, $200

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