Grantmaking Impact

Grantmaking Impact

Through Hutchinson Community Foundation, donors have made millions of dollars of grants—and priceless impact.

$69 Million

Total grants since founding

Over $3.4 Million

Granted in 2016

Fund for Hutchinson Grants

Established in 1990 by the founding Board of Directors as a permanent resource for the changing needs of Reno County, the Fund for Hutchinson has awarded over $3 million to more than 150 area organizations and agencies in Reno County.

In 2018, Hutchinson Community Foundation awarded Fund for Hutchinson grants totaling more than $213,000 to 27 organizations. These organizations provide a wide variety of services and programs in Reno County. In addition, we celebrated Fund for Hutchinson Community Leadership grants totaling more than $41,000.

Grant recipient organizations for 2018:


Family Community Theatre: Let There Be Light

Award: $10,240

Update lighting equipment and accompanying software, allowing improved theater experience for audience members, development of new productions featuring lighting set to music, and increased opportunities for community members to access mentoring in lighting design using industry-standard equipment.

Hutchinson Symphony Association: Can You Hear Us Now?

Award: $2,804

Purchase, implement and train association members on a ticketing, marketing, and patron management system, which will streamline the symphony’s interactions with existing and potential patrons and increase their ability to collaborate with local arts organizations using the same system.

Hutchinson Theatre Guild (Stage 9): Producing the Producer 

Award: $10,000 x 3 years

Final year of a three-year grant to support capacity building toward a new strategic vision at Stage 9 that will strengthen and sustain the performing arts in Reno County.


City of Arlington: Securing Our Shared Spaces

Award: $3,299

Ensure the security and safety of shared space at Arlington Community Center by expanding the keyless entry system to include the cafeteria and gym.

Hutch Rec: Neighborhood Development  

Award: $15,000 x 3 years

Second year of a three-year grant to support collaborative work with residents and community partners, including the City of Hutchinson and the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce, on innovative neighborhood development strategies with the overarching goal of ensuring Hutchinson has safe neighborhoods and is an attractive place to live, work, play and raise an active family.

Interfaith Housing and Community Services, Inc.: Projects Coordinator

Award: $15,000 x 3 years

Final year of a three-year grant to support a central projects coordinator position that coordinates community efforts in addressing Hutchinson’s housing needs, including critical repair and rehabilitation, by connecting organizations, programs, volunteers and funding.

Interfaith Housing and Community Services, Inc.: Keeping Homes Healthy and Safe

Award: $10,000 x 2 years

Final year of a two-year grant to make necessary home repairs for very low-income households, persons with disabilities and the elderly, so they can continue living with dignity in their affordable homes.

Reno County Veterans Association: Operation Etched in Stone

Award: $7,500

Support for completion of the Reno County Veterans’ Memorial, honoring over 15,000 local veterans dating back to the Civil War whose names will be etched on seven granite panels.


Poverty Collaborative Task Force: Collaborative Coaching Ecumenical Training Group

Award: $2,000

Equip an ecumenical group of church contacts to develop collaborative coaching relationships with people in poverty to support progress toward financial sufficiency, as well as building trusting, ongoing relationships among church contacts.

Prairie Independent Living Resource Center (PILR): ChoreBusters:

Award: $7,070

Begin a new service called ChoreBusters, which community members can access to complete chores and errands, and which, over time, will generate income as unrestricted funds and allow PILR to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on grants.

Reno County Communities That Care: VISTA Member Support

Award: $12,911

Reno County Communities That Care, Reno County Drug-Free Alliance (Drug Court), Interfaith Housing & Community Services and United Way of Reno County collaboratively applied for and received an AmeriCorps grant placing three full-time Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) members at their agencies for one year in support of work to alleviate poverty, with an emphasis on opioid prevention. This funding covers the organizations’ costs to provide a fourth volunteer for the year.

Reno County Health Department: Leadership to a Healthy Hutch

Award: $9,500

Engage Reno County Health Department staff in a series of leadership training and coaching sessions to better equip them for internal department decision-making processes while also preparing them for service on community boards and committees.

United Way of Reno County: Technology into the 21st Century

Award: $12,275

Build organizational capacity through up-to-date, compatible technology equipment, allowing the organization’s good work to continue in a more efficient manner.

Visions of Hope, Inc.: Outreach and Awareness 

Award: $2,500

Work closely with a marketing firm to explore means of increasing awareness of Reno County Court Appointed Special Advocates’ (CASA) need for volunteer advocates for children in crisis.


Abundant Life Daycare: 2020 Vision

Award: $6,000

Continue the flooring update project in classrooms to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment for the children cared for in the center each day as an extension of The Father’s House church.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson, Inc.: Hawk Huddle

Award: $12,000 x 3 years

Second year of a three-year grant for an after-school program providing seventh- and eighth-grade students at Hutchinson Middle School with homework help and opportunities to become involved in school events, allowing for continuous academic assistance while a sustainable funding source is built.

Circles of Hope Reno County: Hutchinson High School Project – Building Capacity of Youth Who Are Living in Poverty

Award: $3,696 x 2 years

Increase the resilience of Hutchinson High School students from unstable homes by building their capacity to stabilize their lives and create their future stories.

Girls on the Run Heart of Kansas: Program Expansion to New Sites & New Program Scholarships

Award: $7,500 over 3 years

Ensure that girls who would not typically have access to quality youth programming have the opportunity to participate in Girls on the Run (third- through fifth-graders) or Heart & Sole (sixth- through eighth-graders) programs that inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident through experienced-based curriculum that creatively integrates running.

Hutchinson Public Schools: Making the IB More Accessible and Successful

Award: $5,000 x 3 years

Final year of a three-year grant to support teacher training and exam scholarships for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes (Diploma and Career-related) at Hutchinson High School, providing rigorous college-preparatory courses to make students more college- and career-ready upon graduation. Matched 1:1 by the Davis Foundation.

Kansas Children’s Service League: Healthy Families – Reno County 

Award: $10,000

Continue to provide primary child abuse and neglect prevention services to Reno County’s Hispanic population through a bilingual home visitor who is well-trained in the Hispanic culture. Matched 1:1 by Medicaid.

Salthawk Community Support: Removing Barriers to Education 

Award: $10,000 x 3 years

Second year of a three-year grant providing students in need at Hutchinson High School with basic necessities and access to academic tutoring, financial education and self-esteem building activities coordinated by emotionally encouraging staff and volunteers.


To foster the growth, education, and development of young people who are eighteen years of age and younger, with a preference for funding activities that result in an early intervention in an at-risk child’s life.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Reno County: A Little Time for Big Futures

Award: $4,000

Support a campaign of diverse outreach efforts to recruit professionals throughout Reno County as mentors for 15 youth over the age of 12 who are currently on the organization’s waiting list.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson: EPIC Skillz Phase III

Award: $5,800

Explore ways to expand the EPIC Skillz program so a higher number of students can be introduced to career pathways through hands-on learning, soft skills and connections with local businesses.


South Hutchinson After School Kids & Preschool: Project Safe Play

Award: $15,000

Purchase playground equipment that will provide opportunities to climb, slide, play games and interact creatively with other children while also meeting safety standards.


Supporting health and well-being through healthy lifestyles, behaviors, and environments.


Kansas Food Bank Warehouse: Food 4 Kids Weekend Backpack Program 

Award: $5,000

Provide volunteer-assembled, weekend food packets to children in Reno County who are experiencing food insecurity, allowing them to return to school on Monday mornings feeling less anxious, healthier, and better prepared to learn.

Reno County Department of Aging: Grocery Delivery Service

Award: $5,200

Support Reno County citizens over the age of 60 living in rural areas lacking a grocery store by providing access to grocery ordering, shopping and delivery.

Early Education Center: Hearing Screening 

Award: $4,670

Purchase updated, portable equipment to complete mandatory hearing screenings for children 6 months to 5 years old who participate in any home- or center-based program through the Early Education Center and for children throughout Reno County who access developmental screenings through the center.


Strategic grants supporting Hutchinson Community Foundation’s leadership priorities, timely community needs, or catalytic opportunities to strengthen our communities through collaboration and innovative leadership.


Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation-Kansas Mission of Mercy

Support for the February 2018 event at the Kansas State Fairgrounds, when volunteer dental professionals provided 1,150 patients with a total of $1,396,068 in donated services – including 3,345 tooth extractions and 1,175 fillings – for an average of $1,200 per patient in free dental work.

Capacity Building for the Poverty Collaborative Task Force

Group coaching to strengthen collaborative relationships among people, churches and organizations concerned about poverty and costs associated with Frontline Trainings for church staff to better understand the emergency referral system and consider potential interventions for increased efficiency and empathy.

Community Education and Capacity Building for Resilience Reno County

Support for a community book study to build a common understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and visits from nationally recognized trauma consultants to help members of Resilience Reno County move their organizations and the community at large toward trauma-informed practices, policies and environments.

Horizons Mental Health Center’s ABC Program

As a funding partnership with the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, this is the second year of a three-year grant to support the establishment of the evidence-based ABC (Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catch-Up) Program in Reno County. The program provides a 10-week coaching experience to families with children 6 to 24 months who have experienced early adverse environments, with the goal to improve parent-child attachment and the child’s ability to cope and respond to continued stressful situations, as well as buffer against the long-term effects of toxic stress.

Strong Towns “Curbside Chat” and Conversations

In partnership with the City of Hutchinson, Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce, Hutch Rec and Young Professionals of Reno County, we invited the president and founder of Strong Towns, Charles Marohn, to present a “Curbside Chat” in October to educate the community on how so many American cities have found themselves in decline after decades of “growth” and introduce alternate considerations for how cities can change their approach for a future with more productive growth. The event and conversations with Marohn were meant to inspire a different set of questions and generative dialogue when we consider where and how our Reno County communities target investments going forward.

Building Quality Relationships to Inspire Collaboration

In an effort to better understand how to inspire meaningful and change-making collaboration, the Community Foundation has been experimenting with investing in the process of inter- and cross-sector relationship building. We believe in the Core Theory of Success used in Systems Thinking, which says that as the quality of relationships rises, the quality of collective thinking improves, leading to an increase in the quality of collective actions and results.

Make It Greater Grants

Introduced in 2017, Make it Greater grants make a big difference in Reno County Communities through supporting projects that:

  • Bring people together and provide opportunities for positive social interaction and benefit through volunteer work or community-building efforts.
  • Connect people to the environment around them in new ways to increase community pride and identity.
  • Build on our communities’ assets and unique qualities.

For 2018, the 16 grants awarded range from $395 to $2,500, totaling $26,155. Make It Greater Grants are made possible by the Fund for Hutchinson and our Donor Advised Fund holders who choose to partner with us on these exciting projects through our Giving Together program.

Grant recipient organizations for 2018:


Serve-A-Thon Day: Cougars Who Care

Award: $400

Central Christian School sets aside a day for students pre-kindergarten through 12th grade to serve others in Reno County and gain an understanding of the value of touching lives. For this year’s seventh-annual Serve-A-Thon Day, students partnered with the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center to complete the center’s family room. The grant will help add bunk beds, a crib, a double bed, dressers, chairs, lamps, curtains and bedding to update the space and make it more inviting.


Power to the Playground

Award: $2,500

This grant continues work on the town’s community center playground by establishing electricity at the existing shelter house, making live music, movies and food preparation possible and expanding the community center’s options to appeal to more residents.


Floyd Redd Community Center Roof Replacement

Award: $2,500

This grant will help preserve the lone gathering spot in Plevna by giving the community building a new roof, continuing to provide a place for all residents of the small Reno County community to meet.


Workshop for Junior Directors

Award: $395

This grant will help fund a one-day workshop for teens on the basics of of leading a stage production. The junior directors will have the chance to assist and/or direct the theater’s Children’s Academy productions.


Safe Sleeping project

Award: $2,500

Hutchinson’s largest day care center serves nine infants at a time. This grant will help the center stay on track with the latest safe-sleeping practices by adding new cribs. The grant will also help replace the day care’s aging diaper-changing table.


“What’s Your Best Move?” Reno County Chess Club Tournament

Award: $800

In 2017, HCC hosted the first-ever rated scholastic chess tournament in Hutchinson. The tournament boosted HCC’s “Chess in the Schools” program. This year, the grant will again help the club host a 100-player tournament for Reno County elementary, middle and high school students that will also help them realize the connection between life skills and chess skills.


Homeward Bound project

Award: $1,250

The police department is often the first point of contact for public needs. Given this unique position, the department, in partnership with Prairie Independent Living Resource Center Inc., will use the grant to help those in need of shelter find housing and other needed services.


A Mission at Home

Award: $2,500

With the goal of bringing area churches together to infuse approximately 1,600 volunteer hours into bettering Hutchinson neighborhoods, the grant will help fund marketing, organizational and instructional efforts.


Project Recess

Award: $1,000

Bearing in mind the link between adequate recess and better academic and behavioral performance, the Lincoln PTO requested a grant to help provide recess equipment for each grade level and to help ease the financial burden on teachers who otherwise must often supply their own equipment.


Heading Home

Award: $1,250

The grant will help connect organizations and resources with those in need of shelter, employment or other services. The funds will allow PILRC, in partnership with the Hutchinson Police Department, to help people obtain needed identification documents and transportation to various agencies.


Raising the Flag project

Award: $2,500

The Raising the Flag Steering Committee aims to boost civic pride, sense of place and collaboration by bringing community members together to design and implement a new municipal flag. The grant will compensate designers and pay for promotional, facilitation and production expenses.


Suicide Prevention Awareness and Training

Award: $500

With the awareness of how many lives are touched by suicide in Reno County, the Reno County Suicide Prevention Coalition, a branch group of Communities that Care, will host two events to increase training and awareness. Grant dollars will help finance event promotion and food.


Mural Project

Award: $2,500

The grant’s goal is to make the health department building more inviting to the roughly 100 to 200 individuals it serves daily with a mural that will highlight the faces and places of public health.


Oral History Digitization

Award: $1,460

The museum conducted nearly 200 oral history interviews in the 1980s and early 2000s, but they are contained on obsolete recording media. In addition, the museum has partnered with the NAACP to record oral histories from the county’s African-American residents, has several oral histories from Hispanic residents that need digitized and will be developing a program about Hutchinson business school pioneer Adela Hale, whose oral history is not accessible or transcribed. This grant would digitize these histories, thus preserving residents’ stories for generations to come.


Adventure, Exploration & Education Room Project

Award: $1,600

The grant will help create a hands-on learning experience inside Pretty Prairie’s Graber Mercantile & Event Emporium on such subjects as the Collingwood Grain family, Kansas’ Largest Night Rodeo, local musicians and Indian artifact excavating.


Learning Project for Students

Award: $2,500

Temporarily idled after the death of its founder, a group banded together to continue the sustainable food operation. The project will join with Buhler USD 313 to provide a place for area students to learn about aquaponics food production while also experiencing entrepreneurship and community philanthropy.

Youth Philanthropy Council Grants

Armed with $3,000 each year, high school students from across the county discuss local issues of concern to youth, learn about grantmaking, and award grants to youth-serving organizations. The Dillon family established Youth Philanthropy Council Endowment to provide money for the grants and program administration, in honor of Dick Dillon’s extensive philanthropic work in our community.

Grant recipient organizations for 2019:


Play Haven Memorial Park

Award: $350

The grant will help with construction expenses at Play Haven Memorial Park, which is being built to honor USD 313 fifth-grader Haven Stambaugh who died in 2017 after a lifetime of illness.


Employment for All

Award: $575

This grant will help support Disability Mentoring Day, which provides work experience to youth with disabilities, and events tied to Disability Awareness Month in October.


Key Club Giving Back to the Community

Award: $375

The grant will help fund community-service projects.


ART ON! Everyone Create.

Award: $650

This grant will help support an art and design workshop for middle and high school students.


Spotlight on Fairfield Talent

Award: $500

The grant will help fund the addition of new theater spotlights in the school’s auditorium.


Bulldog Buddies

Award: $250

The grant will help support the high school’s student-mentoring program to grade school and middle school students.


Book Talks

Award: $300

This grant will help fund a youth-mentoring program focused on reading.

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