Youth Philanthropy Council

Youth Philanthropy Council

For nearly 20 years, Hutchinson Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Council has groomed Reno County’s next generation of philanthropists.

Each year, a group of high school students transforms into a close-knit council as they learn about Reno County’s strengths and challenges and build a common vision for Reno County. The Council’s work culminates in a grant process that awards $3,000 to youth-serving organizations.

“I’m always impressed by how seriously YPC members take the responsibility of awarding grants. They know their decisions represent the interests of the donors and impact the life of an organization,” said Aubrey Abbott Patterson, Community Foundation President and CEO.

YPC grants are made possible through the Richard W. Dillon Memorial Fund for Youth Philanthropy, which the Dillon family established to honor Dick Dillon and his extensive philanthropic work in our community.

Garrett Laughlin
Sometimes the voices of youth can be diminished, but through Youth Philanthropy Council, we have a chance to speak up and make a difference.
- Garrett Laughlin, a former YPC co-chair, Haven High School

Inspiring Young Philanthropists

Maren Berblinger
Hutchinson Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Council helped grow Maren Berblinger’s love for community service. Berblinger, now a graduate of Kansas State University, continues to give time and talents to community betterment projects by volunteering.


2021 Youth Philanthropy Council Members

Buhler High School

Tanner Lindahl
Karl Woleslagel

Central Christian School

Cory Embers

Fairfield High School

Kayley Brown
Dusti Ryan

Haven High School

Kendall Schoenhals

Hutchinson High School

Jayci Moriasi
Megan Pankratz
Elijah Pisano
Sadye Patterson
Dazia Simms
Mason Weathers

Pretty Prairie High School

Tristan England
Keelan Stucky


Trinity Catholic
High School

Laurissa Adelhardt
Emma Vogel


Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about the Youth Philanthropy Council, contact Sarah Blake.

Sarah Blake, Program Officer