Making a Difference

You make great things happen!

Your generosity—whether it's through Fund for Hutchinson grants or gifts from your own fund—has the ability to impact thousands of people. These are some of the success stories.

• John Rimmer

is grateful that his estate planning attorney, John Schmidt, introduced him to the Hutchinson Community Foundation. "I don't want my money wasted…I want it doing things that are meaningful. They have the capabilities to do that so much better."

appreciates the fact Hutchinson Community Foundation "makes it easy to give" and is "a method of giving that helps by being versatile and flexible." The Foundation enables donors to use property, securities, and other assets for their philanthropy. "They tackle all the various facets of giving," Paul says, "And provide the accounting statements and everything for taxes."

While in college, "Kiki" was the recipient of financial help, and she'll never forget how appreciative she was. "I have a high regard for people who work hard, earn their money and share it," she says. "So, I decided if I ever get some extra money, I wanted to do the same. I was helped. So it's my turn."

Because of Helen Adams Hamilton's foresight and generosity, youth-oriented charitable causes have received over $200,000. By establishing her fund at the Hutchinson Community Foundation, Helen's charitable interests will be reflected in Reno County for years to come.