Match Day

What is Match Day?

Match Day is a big, bold opportunity for Hutchinson and Reno County. A partnership between the Hutchinson Community Foundation and local nonprofits, Match Day brings hundreds of donors from every neighborhood in our community together on a single day to raise significant funds for local needs.

Generosity Made Greater. For one day, every donation given to local nonprofit endowments will be matched by funds from a $50,000 local pool, making every gift go further.

Everyone Can Be a Philanthropist. We're asking every person in the community to get behind this effort. Large and small gifts will combine for significant impact. It's time to think big.

Single Day, Lasting Impact. We're working to raise significant funds that will do good for a lifetime right here in our home county. It's time to be bold.

Local Investment, Effective Solutions. Hutchinson Community Foundation has been working with local nonprofits for 26 years. Our professional staff is knowledgeable about local needs and effective organizations. Funds benefit local nonprofits that we know and trust.

Building Relationships. Our Match Day in 2014 raised $267,800 in 24 hours, in person and online. In 2016, we will again invite participating nonprofit staff and board members to greet donors at Eagle Media Center at 9th and Main from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. on May 3.

A Virtual Event with a Personal Touch. People from all over the world will be able to give to Reno County nonprofits in an easy, safe, and fun way at

Join us May 3, 2016 at Eagle Media Center or for this one-day event to grow nonprofit endowments exponentially!