Community Leadership

We provide leadership on key community issues

Just like you, Hutchinson Community Foundation is deeply rooted in the community. We are passionate about making a greater difference in the Hutchinson and Reno County area. And we've been working for more than 20 years to bring individuals and groups together around pressing issues in our county.

Our primary focus is to make sure that the needs right here in the community are being met:
  • We pay close attention to new areas of need and work to support them with grants from the Fund for Hutchinson.
  • We connect our donors with these types of opportunities so that they can support issues that otherwise might not receive the funding they need. 
  • We work closely with our nonprofit partners and other stakeholders to create innovative solutions to challenging problems, so that our community benefits in the strongest way possible. 
We keep our ear to the ground because we want to be sure that the grants we make and the donations that our donors are making provide the best benefit to the community. In addition to grants, the Community Foundation provides influence and leadership to convene groups around tough community issues.  

We're committed to five major areas of work:

  • Early Childhood 
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity 
  • Family Economic Success 
  • Capturing the Local Transfer of Wealth 
  • Capacity Building for Nonprofits 
Thanks to our generous and passionate supporters, organizations are getting the funding they need. Read about how we're changing lives and see for yourself the difference you've made. Or take a look at the complete list of the grants awarded through the Fund for Hutchinson, and read about our what we're currently doing and our upcoming community events.