The Dick Dillon Legacy Endowment
The Dick Dillon Legacy Endowment will sustain the Hutchinson Community Foundation's good work in Reno County and position us to hear and respond to the community's changing needs — now and into the future. This endowment is a tribute to Dick Dillon's belief that the community foundation concept offers an effective way to enrich the quality of life in Hutchinson and Reno County.

Leading Partners

Betty & Ace Dillon
Tammy & Brad Dillon
Carolyn Dillon
Connie Dillon
Dee & David Dillon
Mary Dillon
Ruth & Paul Dillon
Stacey & Reed Dillon
Steve Dillon
Ann & Rob Ramseyer
Virginia Rayl

Building Partners

Diane & Uriah Bueller
Tremenda & Butch Dillon
Janet Dillon Duval
Homer Jennings
The Kroger Co.

Sustaining Partners

American Medical Review Officers, LLC
Linda & Bob Brown
Sharon & Mark Coberly
First National Bank of Hutchinson
Patty & Dan Foss
Martha & Dick Hamilton
Wendell Holmes
The Hutchinson News
Judy & Rich Manka
Sandra & Joseph McMullen
Tucker & Nation Meyer
Darla & John Neal
Barbara & Jim Nunns
Roonie & Mert Sellers