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Fund for Hutchinson 2015 Grant Awards Announced

Hutchinson Community Foundation is thrilled to announce 28 Fund for Hutchinson grants—totaling $200,823—to help local nonprofits turn hopes into realities. This year’s grants support active living, vital work done by nonprofit partners, and projects that will open the future to so many possibilities. We also continue to support multi-year grants for start-up costs for new positions and programming, so organizations can depend on funding as they work toward sustainability.

The Fund for Hutchinson grants provide an opportunity each year to educate the community about the programs and organizations that are providing essential services to make our community greater. Please join us in congratulating our grant recipients, and we look forward to sharing the impact of their projects with you in the coming year.


Hutchinson Symphony Association, $2,000

Young People’s Concert at the Fox: Help students to experience the excitement of a full orchestra performance and learn about the historical contexts of the works to enhance their listening experience while also learning about concert etiquette.

Hutchinson Symphony Association, $500

La Boeuf sur la Toit Project: Support for Hutchinson Theatre Guild’s Stage 9 actors to collaborate on the performance of Darius Milhaud’s La Boeuf sur la Toit.

Hutchinson’s Historic FOX Theatre, $5,000

FOX 3rd Floor Phase 1: Rehabilitation of The FOX 3rd floor to construct storage units for Wiley Plaza tenants, which will produce operating revenue through rental income that The FOX will use to expand and enhance its impact on the arts in our community.


City of Buhler, $15,000

Trail to Buhler, Phase 1: Enhance health and wellness opportunities and add additional community value to Reno County trail systems by funding an engineering study and design for a trail that would connect Hutchinson and Buhler through Sand Hills State Park.

City of Hutchinson, $15,000

Rice Park Splash Pad: Support for a splash pad in Rice Park to provide a free, healthy summer activity for children and families in Northwest Hutchinson.

Dillon Nature Center, $10,000

Shady Lane Community Courtyard: Create an outdoor community gathering space to be used for outdoor concerts, plays, weddings, relaxation, and as a study area with WiFi and electricity.

Downtown Hutchinson, $3,800

The Downtown Hutchinson Revitalization Story…Re-energizing the Built Environment: Production of a video that will bring awareness of the work, investment, opportunities available, and recent successes in the revitalization of Downtown Hutchinson to inspire our community to action, attract potential new out-of-town investors, and validate the investment of our stakeholders.

Hutch Rec, $17,000

Quality of Life in Reno County: Second year of a three-year grant to support the sustainability of community and neighborhood development efforts to create an attractive place to live and work by developing a more vibrant, active community.

Interfaith Housing Services, Inc., $15,000

Projects Coordinator: Final year of a two-year grant to establish a central Projects Coordinator position that coordinates community efforts in addressing Hutchinson’s housing needs, including critical repair and rehabilitation, by connecting organizations, programs, volunteers, and funding.

Interfaith Housing Services, Inc., $13,000

G & Plum Community Development Project: First year of a two-year grant to bring the community members of Avenue G & Plum and supporting organizations together in a way that will result in renewed community vision, strengthened community revitalization(including housing), and a heightened sense of community pride.

Strataca, $5,000

Phase 1, Geology Exhibit: Support for the completion of the first phase of a geology exhibit that will illustrate the location of salt in Hutchinson and around the world, as well as Strataca’s particular location and story, establishing a centerpiece for all educational programming to enhance the depth of knowledge for all visitors.


Reno County Drug Court, $8,000

Drug Court Promotion and Recovery Support Assistance: Promote the development of the “Friends of Drug Court” non-profit agency, the fifth anniversary of Drug Court, and the continuation of structured, safe living environments at Oxford Houses for those in recovery.

TECH, Inc., $3,000

e-Cycle Marketing & Promotion: Advertise and encourage e-Cycle drop-offs, particularly at the new Reno County Landfill drop-off site, to give jobs to TECH clients, provide sustainability to the e-Cycle program and TECH, and keep waste out of the landfill.

The Volunteer Center, $5,508

VITA Tax Program: Purchase updated laptops to use in the VITA tax program in order to increase speed and efficiency of the preparation of tax returns.

The Volunteer Center, $9,000

Bridge Funding to Sustainability: Final year of a three-year grant of bridge funding to provide continuous service while implementing a sustainability plan.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson, $8,000

Strategic Planning: Complete a needs assessment regarding after-school programming in Hutchinson, the results of which will guide strategic planning for the organization.

Central Christian School, $3,250

Reading and Succeeding: Target early assessment and treatment of reading differences, particularly dyslexia, through implementation of the Reading and Succeeding program.

Hutchinson Public Schools, $5,000

IB Programme: Final year of a three-year grant to support the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. Matched 1:1 by the Davis Foundation.

Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, $15,000

Second year of a three-year grant to increase the Cosmosphere's capacity to develop, deliver, and pursue external funding for applied STEM educational programming.


Supporting health and wellbeing through healthy lifestyles, behaviors, and environments.

Communities That Care, $6,000

CTC Youth Leadership: Implementation of Life of an Athlete, Above the Influence, and intense leadership training to address the specific need for programs, policy, and environment changes aimed at decreasing youth substance abuse in Reno County.

HCC Child Care Center, $3,500

Outdoor Playscape: Adoption of new curriculum focusing on healthy lifestyles and establishment of an outdoor classroom so children can meet minimum recommendations of 60 minutes daily of moderate intensity physical activity.

Reno County Head Start and Early Head Start, $2,500

Cooking Classes: Develop and implement a series of parent classes designed to educate parents on the importance of healthy nutrition and safe culinary skills on a budget.

Ubuntu, Inc., $2,165

The Save a Heart Project: Purchase and strategically install an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in Pretty Prairie in order to help improve the odds of survival for those who may have a heart attack in the community.


To foster the growth, education, and development of young people who are eighteen years of age and younger, with a preference for funding activities that result in an early intervention in an at-risk child’s life.

City of Hutchinson, $15,000

Playground Equipment for George W. Pyle Park: Installation of playground equipment on the east side of George W. Pyle Park, providing a safe place year-round for children and families living in the east Avenue A corridor and fulfilling the desires of residents expressed through the Avenue A Neighborhood Association and Hutchinson Community Foundation’s Envision Hutch Unconference.

Communities in Schools of Mid-America, $2,500

CIS of Mid-America at Hutchinson High School: Expand services provided to the students at Hutchinson High School by surrounding students with a community of support and empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland, $3,600

Girl Scout Community Based (Outreach) Programs: Curriculum and financial assistance for underserved girls in grades K-5 to participate in Girl Scout Clubs and get the Girl Scout Leadership Experience at no cost.

Kansas Children’s Service League, $5,000

Healthy Families of Reno County: Supplies and assistance for Healthy Families of Reno County, a home visitation program that provides primary child abuse and neglect prevention services to families by helping create family sufficiency and independence centered on the relationship with their child. Matched 1:1 by Medicaid.

KPTS Channel 8, $2,500

PBS KIDS Reno County Matching Grant: Continue to bring the PBS KIDS programming to Reno County, making quality educational programming available to the youngest and most impressionable children in our community. Matched by PBS viewers.

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