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Match Day 2016 Results and Donor List

On Match Day, May 3, 2016, Hutchinson Community Foundation received 1,376 gifts from 729 donors totaling $213,401. Combined with the Community Foundation's match and prizes, $268,101 was leveraged for the 35 participating Reno County nonprofits. A majority of the donations came in the form of check, cash or Donor Advised Fund transfer between 7am and 7pm at Eagle Media.

Online, the Give Local America giving platform experienced some technical difficulties. Because of this, online giving was extended through May 4th at 5 p.m. During the extension, total gifts increased by $10,000, bringing the number of online donations to 196 for a total of $17,000.


Prizes will be awarded to the top three nonprofits for most money raised for endowment and most individual donors. Organizations that will be receiving prizes in the form of unrestricted grants are:


Prizes for Most Money Raised for Endowment

            1st Place, $1,000: Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson - $21,117.25

            2nd Place, $500: United Way of Reno County - $14,985.00

            3rd Place, $250: New Beginnings, Inc. - $14,790.00


Prizes for Most Individual Donors

           1st Place, $1,000: Cancer Council of Reno County - 79

           2nd Place, $500: Dillon Nature Center - 72

           3rd Place, $250: Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson - 69

Hourly drawings for $100 grant prizes went to:

7-8 am - Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center - submitted in memory of Amy Remar's father, James Trezise

8-9 am - Wesley Towers - submitted by Joe Blake

9-10 am - Hutchinson's Historic Fox Theatre - submitted by Sharon and Warren Hixson

10-11 am - Hutchinson Animal Shelter - submitted by Marcy Kaufman

11 am-12 pm - Family Community Theatre - submitted by Josh and Kelly Davies

12 - 1 pm - TECH, Inc. - submitted by Freda Schmidt

1-2 pm - Children's Emergency Shelter Home, Inc. - submitted by Judy Langley

2-3 pm - Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson - submitted by Dr. Marilyn Graham

3-4 pm - Children's Emergency Shelter Home, Inc. - submitted by Anita and Ron Pfister

4-5 pm - Hutchinson Public Schools - submitted by Annie Blake

5-6 pm - Reno County Public Health - submitted by Pastor Tim and Jean Carey

6-7 pm - Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson - submitted by Starla and Mark Wells

Thank you to these 729 donors for making Match Day a success and Making it Greater in Reno County!

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