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Discover the results of the Envision Hutch listening tour

When Hutchinson Community Foundation started the Envision Hutch listening campaign in September 2014, we didn't know who would participate, what we would hear, or what we would do with what we learned. That said, we are grateful to our listening partners--the City of Hutchinson, Downtown Hutchinson, Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce, Hutchinson Recreation Commission, Reno County, and the United Way of Reno County--who came on the journey with us and agreed to help us process the findings.

Now, we're pleased to share with you the results of Envision Hutch, gathered from priority walls,, and the Unconference.


As you will see in the report, several priorities held true across the age groups and formats.

The first: jobs and business development. The county's youth want jobs they can stay or come back for, and the general population want more job options, particularly primary employers.

Other top priorities centered on quality of life issues, including community pride and beautification, built environment, rehabilitation of empty buildings and homes, and community building across factions. There seemed to be a call to appreciate, care for, and build on the amenities that we already have, with an emphasis on historic preservation and downtown revitalization.

Also, education. We heard that we need to prepare the next generation for STEM careers and engage them civically from a young age to encourage ongoing involvement in the community.

We know some organizations are addressing these priorities already and that they are adaptive challenges that take time and patience to see progress on. Yet we also learned through our experience with the Unconference that there are many others in the community with out-of-the-box ideas and passion, just waiting to find their place in the conversation.

For our part at the Community Foundation, we are going to continue to look for ways to move people beyond wanting todoing, to offer other opportunities for citizen-chosen mini-grants for community projects, and to continually evaluate our community leadership to ensure we--or another organization--are addressing the priority issues and planning for the future.

We invite you, too, to process these findings with us and think about how you can use them, build on them, and invest in them to help make Hutchinson and Reno County an even better place to live, work, and play. Please
contact us if we can help you in any way.

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